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Presented by
Guillaume Caunegre of
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Guillaume Caunegre has had a successful practice for three decades in two countries. For the past 16+ years, PhytoQuant supplements have been an important part of his practice. We have found that his patients are raving fans.

We asked him to share with us the “secrets” to his success, especially in relation to how he has managed to forge such a special relationship with his patients and the trust he immediately establishes. He has graciously agreed to create a whole series of articles on taking his patients on a Journey to Wellness. He will be joining us as well for some of our InCircle Practitioner Learn with PhytoQuant sessions in the coming months. We hope you will find the processes he uses helpful in your practice. Stay tuned for more! – The Steiner  Labs Team

As a manual medical practitioner and nutrition and supplement specialist, I have worked with my patients to create a favorable internal environment to reinforce homeostasis, natural immune response and vibrant energy. Far too often, as practitioners, we first need to navigate an initial crisis management and our patient’s specific concerns. Once we can correct the acute symptoms, we can then work with our patients toward prevention.

It is important for patients to understand that they must take an active role in avoiding the potential dysfunctions that can lead to disease. It is up to us, as practitioners, to clearly explain how the body functions, so that the patient can understand the cause and effect of their actions on their health.

I have found that a deeper understanding on the part of the patient of how the body is working and how disease can manifest, creates stronger motivation for the patient to follow your advice, and to make the needed changes to nutrition and physical habits. I have also witnessed how increased understanding leads to a more disciplined approach on the part of the patient to take supplements regularly, as directed.

Addressing Prevention

There are two types of prevention to be addressed:

  • The first, is prevention for patients who have not had health ailments, chronic or serious illnesses or any acute repetitive patterns of pain.
  • The second, is to help patients to prevent recurrence of previous episodes or manifestation of illness or dysfunctional health or ailments they have experienced either recently or for years.

In both cases, a thorough history intake and physical examination are required to identify the key areas of focus to restore balance and vibrant energy for homeostasis and health.

The Challenges

For patients who are healthy, prevention management can be challenging. Depending on his or her specialty, the practitioner needs to understand how the patient’s organism and systems are functioning on their “baseline”. JAMA studies have shown that 60-80% of patients are not entirely forthright with their practitioners about symptoms they might be experiencing.

Additionally, some people believe they are healthy and doing well, only to later observe how much better they feel once certain types of treatments and health protocols are put into place. The state of health is often relative for a patient. It is our responsibility as practitioners to conduct the most thorough history possible and comprehensive examination of the main physiological systems such as the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, digestive and neurological systems.

It is important to never underestimate the impact of the patient’s psychological and emotional balance. Evaluation of the patient’s energy is also a major aspect to include in the diagnostic and management strategy to ensure a successful prevention program. Although access may vary by the type of practitioner you are, there are tests that should readily be available to evaluate the important systems and  elements of your patient’s health.readily be available to evaluate the important systems and elements of your patient’s health.

Tools for Prevention

Weak physiological and metabolic functions are the areas that can potentially change to create a state of illness or symptomatic dysfunction, potentially leading to future serious pathologies. The practitioner must implement a course of prevention tools to ensure their patients can maintain good health and bypass maladies. Although there may be some common, universaltreatments to address certain physiological conditions, the real path to wellness for each patient must be customized to their individual needs.

In my experience, some of the most effective tools for a performant prevention plan are nutrition management, exercise, manual therapies and rest management. However, micro-nutritional supplementation is the cornerstone for achieving vibrant health.

Supplementation is a must

PhytoQuant micro-nutritional supplements play a very important role in my practice. I have been recommending and prescribing PhytoQuant products since their inception 15 years ago. They have been the key to my success with my patients in both Paris, and now here in the U.S. Providing my patients with a plan and a strategy enables durable and sustainable changes, reinforces the patient’s energy especially around their weak systems and helps to promote optimal effectiveness of my manual osteopathic treatments.

For the 35 years I have been in practice, I have always used supplements to reinforce the results and efficiency of my therapy. Unfortunately, most brands do not bring the quality of micro-nutrients that I expect. I have worked with several brands for many years, never fully satisfied. I had to look for other, better solutions.

I have found most of my answers with PhytoQuant. I learned everything possible about them including the manufacturing, origin and processing of the different plants, and the origin tracing of minerals and vitamins. I even invested in a visit to the factory to see the remarkable natural bio-dynamic gardens and I spent considerable time with the pharmacist learning about the value of the proprietary, synergistic blends. I have found no better solution to help my patients achieve vibrant health.

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