Tailor made diet for champions

In your coaching and mentoring programs for athletes, you control 100 % of the diet . From what I heard, it appears that you also prepare all the meals… Why?

Yes indeed! Diet is one of the 4 fundamental keys of competitive success of our program.

When I am in full immersion with the athlete, I am also cooking in the kitchen, and I love it! Or I’ll work with the chef of the restaurant.

Generally, for the preparation and the duration of the event, I prefer to stay with the athlete, or the group of athletes, in a secluded place where we can do our exercises, treatments and diverse preparations, I can also control the purchase of every single food upstream. I try and provide a favorable place to create the exceptional environment of success.

Every food of every meal has a determined and symbiotic role with the others. The hours of meal are studied according to the timetable and the schedules of competition or events and their duration. Food has to be of great quality, organic, fresh and local when possible. We can then manage the optimization of the physical and mental effort for short and explosive periods of time, or on a longer time frame or in case of repetitive runs whithin the event, reasoning with the careful quality food supply over several days.

Have you developed specific strategies? Can you give us an example?
Regarding strategy, I progressively tested processes relying on my clinical experience with hundreds of motivated athletes from different levels of strength. For the very high level, I use a custom built diet which I test with the athlete, in the training period. We then gradually tune the diet and the ideal biological cycle according to the athletic results and to the physiological feedback of the athlete.

I also fragment and multiply meal times in order to maintain available blood to the muscles and to the brain and control physical and mental effort over a whole day.

It is also necessary to compromise and adapt with last-minute changes bound to the event organizers or to the weather. It can become quickly complicated but when we work upstream, over several weeks to accustom the body to receive regular food “directives”, the adaptations become easier and generate a high potential of available energy for the athlete at the T moment .

A practical example?
I am going to give you my own recipe for a champion’s breakfast! To consume daily during the competitive period…
Gather a base of all organic « super foods », oat meal to soak the night before in water in order to open up the cereal and release its nutrients. In the morning, add and cover with hemp, chestnut or hazelnut milk. Add a large spoon of ground Flax seeds, pure Cacao powder or nibs, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds and Maca powder. One can find these great health foods in organic shops or on-line, they are easily transportable. Finish by adding a tea spoon of best quality honey… and it is delicious !

To this breakfast meal, we’ll associate an animal protein source, always organic and to the taste of the athlete, avoiding any dairy, and several low glycemic index fruits.

The result is an optimal power source built for resistance and providing available energy in one easy digestible meal.

We like to call it ” Osteotherapeutics breakfast for champions “!

Osteotherapeutics breakfast for champions

Osteotherapeutics breakfast for champions

Organic and seasonal food base for competitive event

Organic and seasonal food base for a competitive event

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