About you & us

Our mission is to empower individuals to thrive while managing their health, energy and life pursuits, and find their true posture as a leader.

Philosophy & Principles

We help create meaningful leadership

The Osteotherapeutics Institute™ applies the most up-to-date osteopathic, medical, diagnostic, and business and athletic coaching and facilitating methods and tools, all to enhance individuals’ health and optimal-being in the pursuit of business, athletic and personal excellence.

  • We provide custom-made performance programs, as well as individual and group development coaching and facilitating sessions to open perspective, gain energy and to transition towards an elevated platform for achievement.
  • We help guide high-performing individuals including professional and Olympic athletes and top business executives, to other leaders in their pursuit of sustainable excellence, engagement management, overall health and work/life balance.


Universities and business schools

Medical, Osteopathic and education shools and organizations

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