Women’s health and performance, sustaining career at the top

Helping women to manage their stress and reveal their hidden resources gives them access to managerial qualities without equal and thus consolidates their leadership within the company.

At the Osteotherapeutics ™ Institute, we understood and established since 2005 that it was necessary to care for women leaders and offer to help them differently with their energy and their career.
We tried to answer several questions that kept coming back to us on the business scene about the place and the posture of women and about their genuine potential.
It seemed to us that whithin the coorporate world, the true feminine dimension is not only underexploited but that it could also generate access to a wide number of managerial qualities without equal in the other gender.

What we call now leadership, but hopefully not for very long, needs to truly summarize a set of qualities required to guide another person, a group or the company.

Leadership is a close cousin of social networks’ follow and like. But can everybody lead and must everybody lead? Who is left to follow ?
Leadership is foremost a matter of managing and understanding emotions and this quality mostly characterizes women. They are true naturals and very experienced in the practice of emotional intelligence. (some charismatic men leaders can also excel at it).

Understanding that to lead is to “carry others in a chosen direction, transport from one place to another, managing progress of an action or develop a style of management which is yours “, does leading have a gender ? Does feminine leadership look or feel like masculine leadership ?

We perceived and assessed that it is not the case.

So we began to nurture the management of stress and the dynamic development of the hidden resources for women leaders.

Our successive experiences, talks and facilitations at the Women’s Forum of Deauville, at the Women Summits of the Universities of Wisconsin and Austin Texas, our custom-made Women’s Programs at the University of British Colombia of Vancouver and Insead of Fontainebleau have allowed us to expand and adjust our range of expertise with women, for women.

Our supervisions and interventions for women leaders are much alike our performance managements of top athletes. We work to balance and potentialize the emotional limbic brain and its connections with the cognitive and cortical brain, in a deep, sustainable and accessible way.
We have a specific approach to the health of women and to their neuro-endocrine system, regulator of the hormones and circadian cycles, thanks to management protocols delivered to each of our participants and easily adaptable with tailor made nutritional plans. These « one on one in group » protocols are supported by specific exercises that exploit the brain functions and emotions and by a trustworthy management of the specific biorhythms of women.

Women's balance

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