The OsteotherapeuticsTM method is the result of years of practice of treatment, conditioning programs and research on biomechanics.


Guillaume Caunègre has been working with professional and Olympic male and female athletes since the late 1980’s. As an Osteopath D.O. he has treated injuries, while also helping to enhance precise technical skills and ensure structural physical strength for top athletes.

With his Osteotherapeutics™ method, he developed a system of treatment and conditioning programs for top ranking athletes in the fields of professional tennis, golf, athletics, swimming and car racing. Many of his clients hold Olympic and world titles and faithfully consult him for performance and career management.

He studies and researches the specific biomechanics of each sport and applies fine-tuned nutrition advice, all to help top athletes increase their performance and manage their career for longevity and health.

 Guillaume Caunègre makes a difference

His treatments and his performance management method helped me improve my game and my technique. I feel stronger, more resistant and capable both physically and mentally.

Amelie Mauresmo (tennis player, former ranked world # 1 player and winner of 2006 Wimbledon and Australian open.)

With Fabien Lefevre on his 3rd world title day

With Fabien Lefevre on the day of his 3rd world title

With USPGA Champion Rich Beem after a tune up 18 holes

With USPGA Champion Rich Beem after a tune up 18 holes

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