The Brain, Body and Mind in Sync

We offer training programs and innovative products enriched by the experience of Guillaume Caunègre and by sharing experiences within the National Union of Osteopaths of Sport.

Whether seeking more knowledge or refining the practice of his art, the osteopath must constantly balance the relationship between the body, mind, heart, and brain.

More than any other area, sport is an ideal testing ground for this therapeutic reality. An osteopath must continuously allow himself to be transformed, adapting to provide athletes customized tools to enhance their potential and energy.

In his last 30 years of working with top-level athletes, Guillaume Caunègre has actively participated in the development of training programs for the federation of sports Osteopaths in France. Today he and his colleagues share their experiences within the National Union of Osteopaths of Sport, the SNOS, only official consolidation of the osteopathic specialty.

  • He is co-founder of the first university degree of Sports Osteopathy with partners and colleagues Gentlemen Basset, Thimjo and Tenenhaus . He continues to teach this degree course at the University of Rennes.
  • Guillaume offers post-graduate training to his colleagues on a 2-year Diploma course endorsed by the Osteotherapeutics ™ Institute, focusing on “high level competing management of professional athletes.”

This program has allowed the community of sport Osteopaths to quickly acquire the keys to success at the highest level, and its application in the field quickly produced league titles in France, Europe and the world in various sports disciplines.

  • Guillaume and the Osteotherapeutics ™ Institute, in collaboration with the Phytoquant laboratory in Monaco, are creating two unique micro-nutrition products for use by athletes. One product is for training, and the others is designed for competition, and both bring together all the active ingredients necessary for the ideal operation of the physical and mental resources of the athlete.phytoquant 1
  • The Osteotherapeutics ™ Institute has also recently partnered with Fabien Lefèvre, a multi-Olympic and World Championship gold medal winner in slalom-canoe and Kayak to create Synergetics2, where they offer programs that energize an athletes potential, and guide his/her development with specifically tailored regimes to enhance performance and prolong careers. It has also been applied successfully in groups to high-level executives seeking new tools to maximize their performance and career.


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