Posturology and inserts

Change in posture causes everlasting pains. Osteopathic posturology opens the door to mechanical recovery and elimination of pain.

Posturology studies how an individual moves through the world, focusing on his balance, stature, gait, and stability.

Just the process of standing itself involves a constant struggle against gravity to find an optimum balance with a minimum of effort and constraints. The necessary adaptations needed on a continuous basis are unconsciously managed by neurosensory body functions (called proprioceptors), which are in the muscles and ligaments of the feet, joints of the jaw, spine, eyes and inner ear. The feedback received by the brain controls any changes necessary to the proper balance and functioning of the body.

Any problem along this neurological communication chain can cause neuromuscular dysfunction, alter an individual’s gait and posture, and can easily transform that into pain or physical deformities, specifically in the legs, spine, lower limbs. Changes in posture can quickly cause a variety of problems, from headache to balance disorders as well as vertebral chronic pain.

In Osteopathic practice, we frequently use posturology as a targeted diagnostic tool focusing on the equilibrium between gravity, body symmetry and posture. Posturology is an invaluable diagnostic tool, one that offers a 3-D view of the body helping each patient become more aware of his or her body.

To ensure accurate diagnoses, Osteopathic Posturologists work in close collaboration with other medical practitioners who focus on the importance of posture: dental occlusodontologists, podiatrists, and optometrists (orthoptists).

In our therapeutic offices in the United States, we are actively working with patients to develop postural proprioceptive insoles – custom made in a Parisian laboratory – specifically for each individual’s needs. These postural proprioceptive insoles offer each patient the proper osteopathic correction to better support and stabilize the muscle groups that keep patients upright and balanced, while also reducing joint damage throughout the body. These revolutionary postural proprioceptive insoles work to break the negative patterns of the past and open the door to the mechanical recovery and the elimination of pain and discomfort that may have lasted for years.

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