Children and learning process

Our goal is to offer to each child an optimal development with close monitoring, tailor-made recommendations and balancing the hormonal and cerebral systems.

apprentissage de l'enfantOsteopathy is one of the few medical disciplines directly concerned with how children’s bodies grow and function. By releasing tension in the body through the bones of the skull and meningeal membranes, the osteopath is able to unravel tensions that will affect the overall development of the infant’s brain and nervous system. In extreme cases, an osteopath can help ameliorate infant cranial deformities (plagiocephaly and brachyocéphaly). The osteopath can also be involved with infants to help curb sleep, digestion and mood disturbances that slow his/her neurosensory and motor development. Through subtle corrections of essential functions this allows the osteopath to help the child find a balance in behavior, both physical and mental, and allows a positive evolution of learning mechanisms.

Learning is the functional evolution of the five senses along with active brain stimulation through movement. The newborn, free of physical restraint and physiological deterrents, will more easily pass through each successive stage of development in the process of building his/her gross motor skills, fine balance, coordination, posture, and eventually sitting and standing. The infant’s liberated brain evolution allows him/her to acquire clear perception and cognition, communication and language, emotions and social development, and ultimately the self-awareness that gives him/her identity.

Throughout childhood, the osteopath will follow the growth and development of the young person and promote optimal development through regular assessment and specific fixes to release the mechanical and functional constraints, all while balancing the brain and hormonal system.

“When the structure is free, the function becomes possible.” – Guillaume Caunègre

enfants heureuxOver time and through extensive experience, Guillaume Caunègre has established a proven protocol to support children’s learning disabilities based on high-level osteopathic principles and several unique holistic complementary approaches:

  • Osteopathic treatment and monitoring
  • Targeted nutrition
  • Stimulation exercises to optimize brain development and balance energy and emotions

For several years Guillaume has also organized childhood development programs for parents, designed to stimulate the child and transform his/her neurosensory patterns. Guillaume also trains teachers to replicate his techniques and apply the principles in classrooms of children. These efforts have been shown to result in significant positive changes in students with behavioral and learning disorders, attention difficulties, and low self-confidence.

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