Our motivation for excellence and hyper-performance

A distinctive partnership between Guillaume Caunègre and the athlete combining physical training and an highly targeted diet for optimal performance.

Gimage007uillaume Caunègre and the Osteotherapeutics™ Institute have worked with and enhanced high-level athletes for almost 30 years, improving their performance and the longevity of their career.

Guillaume has developed a series of supportive and original techniques to enhance performance based on principles and philosophies specific to each sport, and tailored for each athlete or group of athletes within a team.

“This is a true partnership between the athlete and the osteopath. Our efforts start with repairing the body, then helping to prepare for performance and events, then developing the desire and commitment to go further, higher, longer …”

The heart of the Osteotherapeutics™ program is a commitment to care for the athlete, allowing for the release of individual or recurrent injuries, quickly restoring the athlete’s optimal physical ability and fluidity of movement. After which, Osteotherapeutics™ then works on specific biomechanics to improve optimal performance.

The originality of Guillaume’s approach involves specifically preparing and training body, muscle, and brain memory through osteopathic techniques on the nervous and hormonal system; in combination with a rigorous protocol of diet and food supplements created from high quality natural products.

Next comes the management of the competition, which takes place on two fronts, immediate and medium term; and is based on a unique blend of neurosensorial rehearsal exercises and stimulation techniques of the emotional limbic system and communication between the two brain hemispheres. Finally, a highly targeted diet nourishes the entire process, allowing all aspects of the program to work t

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