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interview-guillaume-caunegre-by-forbes-woman-russia-march-2012INTERVIEW FORBES WOMAN RUSSIA magazine– March 2012

1) How a woman can use the knowledge of her physiology at work? Can some women not depend on their cycles?

Women’s experience and knowledge largely depend upon how they live within their own body. A woman’s physiology is far more subtle than a man’s, as it needs complete awareness and fine tuning to operate fully. Knowing the responses of your body, organs & brain brings you a decisive advantage for working at a top potential, at decision making & at managing other people. The higher the responsibilities, the higher the need for managing health & physiology. It is actually a strategy I have developed for women leaders globally.

Women who ignore their cycles & push on their energy reserves to compensate for difficult hormonal times, exhaust themselves and precipitate counter-performance, illness, and reduce their career longevity. Hormonal cycles can guide women who listen to manage energy for most appropriate moments of reflection, calm, decision making, communication & full throttle productivity.

2) Which days are good for working and which are not? (according to the cycle and the emotional changes caused by it) How a woman can define her good and bad days?

Cycles hit women differently. And all cycles are not equal for a same woman, but patterns can be noticed and taken into account when planning work & agenda. There are moment of great energy & even euphoria which should be used for collective work, developing group strategies and meeting & speaking in public. Those moments when the emotions tend to drag on & inspire solitude, should be applied for thinking, planning & writing. The worst time of the cycle are ideally reserved for restoring and gentle outdoors activities.

Every woman is able to recognize where she is in her cycle, why she is feeling like she does and how she can develop her emotional intelligence towards precise goals & time management.

3) Is it possible to decrease the influence of cycles on our working ability? How to face stresses in these days and make important decisions?

Health management should be the initial bullet point on a working woman’s list. Women can supplement their diet with a number of natural elements which will stabilize & balance hormonal reactions at any point of the cycle. These are Magnesium, primrose oil, vitamin B, omega 3 fish oils and probiotics, amongst others. But diet remains the key element to control, for limiting production of stress hormones circulating in the body and for increasing energy supply for physical strength & brain performance. Sugar consumption is an addiction and is the first accountable producer of stress and inflamation. It should be controlled at any cost to ensure a stable performing brain and regular smoother cycle.

Women will choose to push back major decisions & urgent deadlines when under stress, as they can loose most of their capacities & are ruled by troublesome emotions.

4) Please, tell us more about “effective health management for a longer business life”. What is it? How a woman should use it?

This concept matured as I started treating & coaching top ranked athletes in golf, tennis, formula 1 & athletics in the 90’s. I soon helped c.e.o.’s and other leaders to increase their work performance, tune their communication skills and prepare custom made dietary menus for a campain, before a merger or other very demanding times. It appeared that women where responding even better to this management of performance through their specific physiology and they soon responsively demanded more results over time. This is when I started to plan working on the long term effects of health management for women leaders. We have been concentrating on chronobiological rhythms, diet and brain training exercises, and specifically work around the hormonal cycle. I share this method of career management in one to one sessions and also in group workshops for corporate, globally.

To start most women would ideally consult a health professionals in the field of osteopathy, acupuncture & naturopathy. Regularly using these methods of treatment will help clear physiological blockages, release mechanical restrictions and regulate natural rhythms that impair the nervous system, the hormonal system & digestion. Results are tangible and fast & have positive effects on the business woman’s performance.

5) How to organize our working graphic to make working more efficient  and to increase our ability to solve the problems at work?

Organization of efficiency depends largely on the natural biorhythm we follow to stay alert, concentrated and emotionally stable. The work place is an environment which needs to be controlled in that respect, but too seldom as we observe greater numbers of women following addicting behaviors towards physical activity, diet and medical drugs. We live in times when the most is demanded on each of us, pushing the limits of time & reason and leaving nearly nothing to common sense & health management. Women are starting to ‘hit the wall” fast and hard, and the toll is increasing. Every woman who decides to manage her health can become one of the rare who will blossom & enjoy a long fruitful professional career.

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