Adhesions and Scars – Infertility

Amazing results thanks to our comprehensive and unique system of tests and diagnosis to reveal the presence and type of scars and adhesions!

Adhesions (post operative, post inflammatory or post infectious) are the strongest mechanical restraints that can be found in the body. Stronger than a locked joint. They can affect the whole digestive and urinary tracts, the heart and lungs, and the reproductive gynecological system – which is responsible for a variety of functional impairments.
Adhesions are responsible for pain and accountable for a great number of dysfunctions that will also affect posture, balance and biomechanics of the articular system. Adhesions and certain scars are the least considered causes, and least well treated, in a large number of conditions. Infertility being one of the most significant and frequent complaints.

After decades of research and practice, I have developed a comprehensive system of testing and diagnosis that will reveal the presence and the type of adhesions and scar tissue anywhere in the body, and their effects on the patient health and balance. I have established and organized a series of tailor made techniques for each organ and soft or bony tissues affected by the condition. The results can be rapid and spectacular, restoring normal organic function and eradicating pain and influence on the musculoskeletal system.

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