Pregnancy and Pre-Labor

Thanks to an osteopathic treatment all along her pregnancy and until delivery, the pregnant mother will go smoothly through morphological changes and welcome her baby in the best conditions.

IMG_7797 2A pregnant mother’s body needs all of its adaptability and flexibility to compensate for a continually evolving postural change, as well as and increase in body weight and volume. Under the effect of new hormonal production, the ligaments of the joints (spine and pelvis mostly), as well as the uterine suspensory ligamentous unit, soften and elongate. These dramatic changes help the spine to curve more to adapt to and carry the growing baby by controlling the center of gravity of the mother, and open up the pelvic rim and diameter to increase the birthing space during the last trimester before entering labor. A healthy pregnant mother should be able to go through these changes without spinal pain or other discomfort, and should be able to move freely, stand, sit, lie down and enjoy complete range of motion.

IMG_0917_1 2Treating the pregnant patient helps prevent lower back pain, heartburns, groin and leg pain, sciatica and helps restore comfort in resting positions. Osteopathic treatment will ensure a well functioning pelvis where the baby’s head can be nicely molded without straining on the bony pelvis. Preparing for labor helps for a smooth and rapid delivery, protecting the baby’s position and cranium through the passage to birth.

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