Helping women to restore harmonious, regular and pain free gynecological function.

Normal physiology, excluding the use of the contraceptive pill, allows for pain-free and regular menstrual cycles. Proper functioning of the endometrial mucous membrane, flexibility and mobility of the pelvic floor organs and tissues (ovaries, uterus, tubes and suspensory ligaments) is able to ensure pain free sexual intercourse. Any sort of mechanical disturbance (ligamentous tension, coccyx trauma, impaired mobility of the uterus, adhesions of the tubes, ovaries or uterus) disturbs blood flow, can precipitate hot flashes, cause heaviness in the legs, allow for the development of fibroids and cysts, and lead to urinary and gynecological infections.

External osteopathic manipulation of these organs and tissues, as well as of the muscular pelvic floor and bony pelvis, will restore normal mobility and regulate blood flow, improving overall gynecological function.

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