Digestive system

Restoring balance of the digestive functions through proper nutritional habits helps living a comfortable, balanced and healthy life.

Normal digestive functions include ingestion, screening, assimilation and elimination. Bloating, acidity, excessive and odorous production of gases, constipation, diarrhea and disturbed bowl movements and other chronic conditions are the end results of a disrupted coordination of the digestive system.

Regulating mobility of the digestive organs, stimulating nervous control of motility and supplying good blood flow and drainage to the area regulates the process of digestion.

IMG_4948 2The mucous lining of the digestive tract, from mouth to rectum, if unfolded, can cover the surface of a football field. It is the primary barrier to pathogenic elements (bacteria, viruses and macromolecules) and includes a powerful array of immune system agents. Dysfunctional mucous membranes and flora are the result of a disturbance in the regulation and mobility of the digestive system, and of poorly adapted diet. All of which can lead to an increase in susceptibility to illness and reduction in overall health.

The osteopath is able to help the patient develop proper nutritional habits until balance and comfort is achieved.

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