Helping children going under orthodontics treatment by balancing tensions, avoiding complications and in the meantime increasing its results.

Braces and other devices applied to assist dental alignment, are used for both aesthetic and functional concerns. However, they can also lead to potential problems. Especially with children. As children, while undergoing orthodontics, are in the process of growing, their spine and cranium have to adapt to the strong and constant pulling and compressive tensions of the dental appliance on the bones of the face.

In order to avoid discomfort and cranio-facial torsion eventually leading to adaptive scoliosis and curvatures of the spine, the osteopath will help the work of the orthodontic practitioner by balancing the tensions and by restoring normal mobility of the cranial and maxillary sutures. The desired results of the braces are then more obvious, achieving results in a shorter period of time, as well as adding comfort for the patient.

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