Posture and Balance

Preserving the human adaptation potential to maintain its center of gravity by preventing unhealthy patterns.

The standing human has an extraordinary adaptation potential and responds to sensitive postural receptors in the inner ear, the eyes, the feet and ligamentous areas that are richly innervated. The body as a whole demands a great amount of work to balance its weight bearing and center of gravity.

IMG_2095When its potential is overwhelmed, the body is forced to twist and adjust its physical structures inducing spine curvatures, knocked or bowed knees (genu varum & valgum), foot arches drop and bunions (hallux valgus) form. The hinge areas carrying the receptors cannot be permitted to suffer from restricted range of motion, in order to prevent such painful deformities.

Apart from congenital deformations and excessive degenerative conditions, osteopathic treatment consists of preventing further aggravation and helps the bony and articular components to adapt away from unhealthy patterns.

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