Sports, Dance and Competition

Offering a unique osteopathic regimen and treatment to every athlete in order to help them to maintain their physical potential.

Each sport and physical art form (ballet & modern dancing) requires a unique use of the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system to produce a precise action and a sequence of movements. Sustained muscular effort demands full availability of the individual’s physical potential.

Resistance and reduced elasticity of the muscular apparatus can be caused by overuse. By over training, the athlete can be exposed to all manner of muscular and tendon injury. Specific treatment of the athlete includes regulating biomechanics, stimulating global fascia and muscular tissue elasticity, and increasing blood flow to enable detoxification.

Each and every sport practice, up to and including the highest level of performance, can be improved through unique regimen of osteopathic diagnosis and treatment involving all biomechanical principles of that specific discipline.

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