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Launching new ideas and changing behavior!

The Osteotherapeutics™ Institute and Aden Executives

Guillaume Caunègre and Osteotherapeutics™ Institute are closely involved in developing management leadership skills in custom programs, designed and prepared by Aden Executives.

Since 2008, our partnership has evolved strategically to meet the needs of current and future leaders involving flexible, tangible and diverse axes.

We undertake a combined effort of unconventional processes that help develop the full potential of each executive within their group.

The Osteotherapeutics™ Institute works hand-in-hand with Aden Executives to find viable solutions, develop new leadership pathways, and improve behavior; all to allow each individual to achieve success.

Our clients include:

  • A major public financial institution – G2020 Future Leaders
  • One of the Top Ten European banks – Lead
  • A luxury world leader

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