A dynamic and cheerful trio that put its experience to create sustainable solutions to mobilize your energy!2Sg3hpc_maPjy0Eh_lSqXucctjff4v9ku-Tbz_8zIZs,GSkSnd1isRk8nd-CFvS1pozVjxNBrt3hNsrsI5dw8ZI

Pomeroll3 is a forum for change initiated by a team of three partners from diverse backgrounds, different disciplines and broad experience, who bring the richness of a mixed perspective threaded together by many common interests and values. There is nothing they enjoy more than sitting together and allowing ideas to flow around a theme.

Nothing facilitates insights more than dynamic conversation around the conviviality of a dinner with people of myriad perspectives. After several years of doing so, they have accumulated a critical mass of reflections, insights, questions and stories, which they now regularly share with a group of select international guests. Their tables open on 4 continents throughout the year.

Their favorite themes are, among others:

  • Emotional and physical management of women’s health and resilience
  • Leadership, nutrition and unlocking cerebral resources
  • Stress management and Mindfulness
  • Retirement decision making process for expatriates
  • Mobile life: The Dance of the Dual Career
  • Third Culture Kids and global leadership
  • The Strengths of being Poly-lingual
  • Exploring the question: Where is Home ?

kl_4-g5pjVAzsPoEvB5KWs3E5gbc-2P8EGQ3N1ABpmU,xmhPQf8IoX43MCXMIcDuJagwvAS7xRGxzP5vtpxxuxsCatherine, Yvonne and Guillaume compose an international team, experienced, diversified and tested. They are now offering talks and conferences and state of the art tailor-made programs around their preferred topics. For special groups, women and corporate business.

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