Improving Brain Function for leaders With Food Supplements

cropped-OsteoTherapeuticsArgent-e1429714838927.jpgAs part of a program to promote the effects of targeted food supplements on decision making, we used the following list of Phytoquant supplements at three “Leadership” seminars for top executives of three major international companies:

  • QuantaDyn – For vitality and energy
  • QuantaMag – For quality neuromuscular functioning
  • QuantaOmega3 – For regulation of cerebral and hormonal stress
  • QuantaPhylle – For energetic stimulation of the blood and digestive system
  • QuantaPunch – For awakening acuity of brain function

These supplements were utilized according to the extensive clinical experience of Guillaume Caunègre, Osteopath DO

The aim was to boost the cognitive and neurosensory abilities of individuals, and the team as a whole, based around a high-level program focused on the management of international leadership in times of crisis.

We worked around the processing capacity and management of behavior under stress, allowing each participant to discover hidden potential and resources as individuals and as part of the collective.

As part of the program, after each session, participant’s comments were evaluated and impressions were shared about the effects of targeted food supplements on decision-making.

Each business group (consisting of 23, 28 and 40 participants) worked in a seminar setting for two to three days in a row.

  • The majority of participants (over 80 %) agreed to take the supplements as follows:

– 2 QuantaOmega3 ( omega 3 fish oils ) before and after each evening seminar until the end of the seminar

– 2 quantaMag (sea sourced magnesium ) at each morning seminar

– 1 QuantaPhylle ( nettle chlorophyll ) at each morning seminar

– 1 QuantaPunch (thyrosin, precursor of dopamine ) at wake up, then 2 others during the morning of each seminar

– 1 QuantaDyn ( natural products from the hive ) during the late morning every day

Notable observations made at the three seminars:

  1. The general impression of participants was of pronounced wakefulness, increased awareness.
  2. The intensity of participation in the morning and afternoon sessions increased.
  3. The energy levels of the group was remarkable.
  4. There was an absence of discord within the group, between the participants and during the various exercises.
  5. The usual loss of energy at the beginning of the day, and decline of energy at the end of the morning were not in evidence
  6. The individual involvement was strengthened and collective motivation increased to create a dynamic learning environment.
  7. The participants who did not consume food supplements felt worn out and experienced a dramatic drop in energy in comparison to the supplement takers at the end of the day.
  8. There existed a dramatic difference in engagement and energy between the group that used supplements and those that did not.

Some comments from participants:

– “I was never tired or bored … These two days have passed quickly, I’m ready for a third! ”

– “This was an intense seminar, that I experienced without fatigue and with balanced energy”

– “I finally spent a day (at a seminar) totally focused and absorbed. I am going to set up this strategy on a regular basis starting Monday morning ”

– “Collective decision making was in full swing, full of energy…”

– “When will module 2 be offered so we can resume the fun? “

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